How to Write Engaging Articles That Will Keep Readers Hooked

How to Write Attractive Article That Makes People Read
How to Write Attractive Article That Makes People Read
It’s not something new that writing articles can bring considerable amounts of traffic to your website that gives you genuine customers and good profits. Today the internet has been flooded with tons of articles, which tend to bring good traffic. Millions of articles are being written and published on a daily basis.
The competition has become a fierce battle and it’s getting tougher every day to drive good traffic to our sites. Due to this, we have to do something new to stand out from this crowded place and make sure that our article gets noticed in front of our potential customers one step ahead of your competitors. Here are 7 surefire tips you can do to give your article more superiority.

Eye-Catching Headline

No matter how good your article, if people do not see the ‘invite-to-read’ headline, they won’t bother even to just take a look at the body of your article.
Here’re some tips you to write an ‘invite-to-read’ headline:
  • Write your headline based on something that derives from personal experience. Personal experience will always arouse others’ curiosity: For example: How I Made $17,917 in 3 Days Using Options
  • Use exact numbers in your headline: $16,823 will make people see it’s real rather than $16,000 thus helping creates a picture in their mind. Ideal mental picture, where they can see themselves in those favorable conditions. In this case, they can see themselves making that $16,823.

Simplify Your Words

Write your sentence with words that are easy to understandFor example: Instead of using ‘ornamental’ you can use ‘attractive‘. If there are certain specialized terms from your field explain the meaning for your readers. I.e '7 PR' while it something common for someone with Internet Marketing basic, but it’s new lingo for accountant. Your readers will appreciate saving their time so always remember to simplify the works.

Shorter your Sentence

Break your article up into a short sentence. No more than 5 lines. Read through the screen is the difference with reading though the paper book. Read through the computer screen makes your eyes tired faster.
Besides, it’s easier to read and devour through short sentences rather than over-crowded sentences.

Inject your personality into your article

Write something about yourself:
  • What’s your experience related to your article?
  • Do you love something that related to your stuff?
  • Or, you can slide some jokes in the body of your article (jokes not mean you tell something stupid).
This way you’ll appear more human, than unknown behind the screen which eventually will lead to creating relationships with your targeted customers.

Change confusing words into understandable words

For example; write "night-blooming cereus into flowering cactus" as "this will make a whole world change for you".
Imagine you came across two articles with the following headlines:
  • 7 Rules Upkeep of Night-Blooming Cereus” and
  • 7 Rules Upkeep of Flowering Cactus
Which one you’d like to read? Well, there’s a lot who have night-blooming cereus but don’t know its name. Though I don’t have one, I know Flowering Cactus.

Give a lot of bullet points

All books which have been discussing copywriting will screaming benefit, BEnefit, BENEFIT… Why? Because for one thing only, it works. So the same as writing an article. Different purposes but the same rules. For example:
What you have to before doing any business?
  • Research the market,
  • Survey prospective customers,
  • Determine your budget,
  • Write a proposal for the bank’s loan.
Another reason, this way you can tell exactly what you want to tell without need to write back and forth many sentences just to tell one point. Not only confuse your readers but also exhaust yourself.

Use conversational words often

Don't try to use as many blended words we use in everyday conversation as possible. You can write “you’re” rather than “you are”, if in that way you break the barriers between you and your readers.

Final Note

Different cases need different approaches. Sometimes you can use all of the above techniques but sometimes there’s only one or two that fit with your current conditions. If you have other techniques or approaches feel free to share your idea on the comment section.

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