How to Get Your BuySellAds Account Approved in 30 Days or Less

How to Get Approved BuySellAds Account Supper Faster
Tutorial on How to Get Approved BuySellAds Account Supper Faster
BuySellAds account approval is not an easy task if you don’t complete their basic requirement. Nowadays many people are searching for tutorials on how to get approved by BuySellAds.
There are many BuySellAds account approval tips and tricks over the internet. But most of them are just a fictional story without real experience. We have a good experience with the BuySellAds account.  It has a good PPC or CPM payout rate than AdSense does offer. We got approved two websites (maintained by us) on the BuySellAds network. But to be honest this blog does not meet BuySellAds' publisher criteria till this date so we haven't tried it yet.
If are you are currently working hard on your blog, then you probably want to earn good money with it in the future. The majority of bloggers blog as a hobby at the beginning but after getting the milestone they want to turn their passion into a profession. Yes! blogging is also becoming a career path for many webmasters. A professional blogger is someone who makes their living with blogging. Whether they monetize their blog through native or third party ads, products, coaching, or some other paid offering, blogging is their full-time job. Well, the distinction between professional and hobby bloggers is important because of the rise in accessible blogging platforms.
Third-party advertisement is the major source of income for the newbie or professional blogger. While talking about reliable ad networks, BuySellAds cannot be ignored after AdSense in any situation. Hence, we are talking about a highly popular BSA advertising program that can help you in your professional blogging career.
Before jumping on the topic we would like to share our experience:

The status of Traffic, Age, and Number of posts while getting approved by BuySellAds

Before getting deeper into the BuySellAds account approval guide, we would like to share our experience. There are many factors that affect the approval process. But major things that directly affect on approval process are given below:
  • Site Age – When we approved our site (domain) was only 2 months old.
  • Site Traffic – On that time average traffic is 2500 to 3000.
  • Site design – Unique, responsive, fast-loading, and the clean website developed by Ajiboye Developer Team.
  • Site Post – When was public above 80 posts. 
  • Site Speed – Our website was hosted on Bluehost

How To work on BuySellAds/BSA?

BuySellAds (BSA) is a really great network after AdSense. Some are telling it is better than AdSense as well. Yes, you can say this network  better from Adsense because it won't block you like Google AdSense. You can also fix the advertisement rate and space dynamically. It is also liked by the publisher who is trying to sell their ads on a very niche topic. The publisher can directly target their ads. 
After getting approved on their network, they'll give us an account with the ad code facility. First of all, install their plugin in your blog. After that, get ads code and add it to the blog widget or ad space area. When the advertiser searches a topic for buying ads space, they will buy space from you if they like your site and after ads approval by you, your site will start showing ads.

How To Get Approved BuySellAds Fast

Approved BuySesllAds Dashboard
You must have known that there are many articles and tutorials about AdSense and other networks like;, Infolinks, and others. But when you search for BSA then you will find no more or fewer discussions about this. Actually, most bloggers dream about getting approved by BuySellAds but all of them are not in favor of luck. I wanna tell you that you can get approved for the BuySellAds account if you follow all publisher guidelines.
One another fact I found is - if you’re using AdSense ads on your blog then it would be very helpful to get approved by the BuySellAds. AdSense is known as the quality ad network. If you have Yahoo media ads then it can also help you to show a positive impression regarding the quality of your website.

Basic Requirement of BuySellAds Account Approval

  • Site Age – If you search on the internet regarding the minimum site age for BuySellAds account approval, you will see many articles by professionals. All of them have their own views. But as per our experience, we got approved our blog of 2 months only. So don’t wait for six or three months. Just follow us and do early for getting more money. 
  • Site Design – Site design also affects more to BuySellAds engineers. Before sending your site to BuySellAds approval team, make your site design is unique, responsive to all screens, clean, and fast loading. You may use Google speed insight, for measuring speeds of your website. The speed score above 90 in Google speed insight is highly advisable. 
  • Site Content – Approval of BuySellAds Account is similar to Google Adsense or It also seeks unique content on your website or blog. This network also hates spam, hacking, and pornographic content. You must write lengthy and high-quality content with full information. Remember to make your every blog post consists of 600 words along with a minimum of two images. Also, don't forget to give proper heading and subheading on the post. 
  • Site Traffic – Before sending your blog to Approved BuySellAds Account Approval team, get good organic traffic. Your site should have above 30000 monthly traffic. For better result trying to grab more traffic on your blog. 
  • Site Topic – For better results in the Approved BuySellAds Account, you must try to get a niche topic and technology topic on your blog. If your site has a good Niche topic, then it unlocks more opportunity to BuySellAds Account approval. 
  • Static Pages – Before sending for approval BuySellAds Account, don't forget to add the static pages on your website. Give a complete about us page with your blog history or journey and full information about you. Consider giving some good info about knowledge of your site topic, means how you know about this. Also, add all social accounts in yours about us page. Similarly, Privacy Policy, DMCA Copyright Policy, Contact, Terms, etc. pages are very important for a complete website.
  • Other Site Ads – When you send your site BuySellAds Account, remember to remove other low-quality ads except for AdSense and Yahoo/Bing Ads. BuySellAds is a quality program, so it does not like to seat with a low-quality advertising network.
This is complete information about getting Approved by BuySellAds Network. If you know more facts about this network or account approval process, then feel free to contact us. Maybe your suggestion can help the publisher to get Approved on the BuySellAds network and enjoy with happy earning.

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