Legitimate URL Shortener Sites That Pay You for Clicks

Legitimate and Highest Paying URL Shortener Site
Legitimate and Highest Paying URL Shortener Site
Are you seeking for Highest Paying URL shortener sites that really pay you? Well, this is a common topic already talked by various online form, webmaster, and blogger with their detailed features (how do they work, how much they pay, are they legitimate or not, etc.) along with their work experience and payment proof.
Well, we all including Blogger, YouTuber, Digital Marketer, Reviewer, or an Influencer like to earn some extra penny with little efforts. Today, I will be sharing some very popular, high revenue sharing, trusted, and highest paying URL shortener websites with little information about them.
First of all, let me explain;

What are the URL Shortener Sites and how to earn with them?

The concept is straightforward and easy. For example, you have a long URL i.e. - https://www.teachsansar.com/2019/04/legitimate-and-highest-paying-url-shortener.html and with a Paid URL Shortener you can convert these long and ugly URLs into a short and beautiful link like this - https://goto.com.np/gr5EjPO.
When you share your shortened link with your friends into various Social Networks, Chat, Online Community, Forum, SMS, Email, or another way; your friend or someone clicks on your link. Then, he/she will get redirected to a new custom page (may or may not be encrypted). On this page, the user will be shown some advertisements for 5 to 10 seconds which varies from one to another. URL Shortener Network sets different advertising campaigns by third party advertisers and they share some percentage of revenue with you, which they got from their advertiser and that is your net income.

Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites

The following listed sites are the most popular and widely trusted URL Shorteners which pays well. You are likely to make extra income from these sites. You just need good traffic that leads to a good CPA. If the traffic is from European countries like the USA, the US, Canada, Australia,  UK, etc. then you’ll be paid high amounts as per their advertising cost policy.


AdFly Logo
Adfly is the oldest and best legitimate URL shortener sites in the market. No list gets completed without Adf.ly. Additionally, you can trust this website blindly. Because it is still users' favorite and it always pays on time.
Now talking about the money and views, one can easily earn up to $5 to $10 on approx 1K link views.
User can withdraw their money on every 10th date of the month. The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal is 5$, and for Payoneer, the minimum payout rate is 20$.
Adf.ly also has a cool referral system. This allows users to make extra income by referring to their friends. If you encourage your friends to join adf.ly with your referral link, and you will earn up to 20% lifetime referral income. For example, if your friend makes 100$ then you will get 20$ in your adf.ly account as a referral bonus. Learn more

Goto Paid URL Shortener

Goto Paid URL Shortener
(goto.com.np) is great Nepalese highest paying URL shortening service with good PPC, RPM, and eCPM rate. You have promising chances of earning up to a thousand rupees (about $10) on a daily basis with the help of visitors you delivered through your links. They pay up to Rs. 500 per 1K traffic. If you bring traffic from European regions you will certainly earn good money with them.
It requires only Rs. 100 ($1) to withdraw money into account wallet and online top-up recharge especially dedicated to Nepalese telecommunication (Ncell, NTC, UTL, Smart Cell, etc.). Users can also withdraw money in their Local Bank Account,  ESewa Wallet, and Khalti Wallet. Moreover, they pay with Cheque, IME Money Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, and more user-preferred method when your balance reaches Rs. 1000 ($10).
Additionally, they pay international users via PayPal (not recommended as PayPal is not legally allowed in Nepal), Google Play, Payoneer, Skrill, Paytm, PayPal, Webmoney,  and Paxum. You can blindly trust Goto Paid URL Shortener but never try to generate fake traffic using proxies and bot method. They keep your account into the suspicions list if you bring more than 50% of real referral and organic traffic. As per our experience, they pay more to YouTube, and Quora referral traffic with manual reviews.
Coming to the referral part, they serve 5% lifetime referral income. After the successful signup form, you will get your unique referral link. Learn more


Shrtfly Logo

is another paid URL shortener website you can trust. It pays up to $3-$14 for 1K views. Shrtfly is a trusted website. It is one of the highest paying URL shortener websites.
It requires a minimum of 1$ to withdraw money. And Users can withdraw money in PayPal, Bank Account and Paytm, etc.
Coming to the referral part, they give 30% of your friend’s income. After the successful signup from their signup page, you will get your unique referral link. Learn more


Shorte.st Logo

is also one of the famous and old URL shortener website. It has a lot of useful tools and ways to make long URLs short and earn money. If you are a blogger, then you can also use their WordPress plugin which will help you to increase your earning.
With Shorte.st you can make up to $5-$15 for 1k link views. You will be able to withdraw your money with a minimum payout of 5$ in PayPal, $20 for Payoneer, and $5 for WebMoney. Every month on the 10th date, the payment is sent to the users.
Shorte.st also allows a referral program. You can earn 20% of the people you referred to. This means you will get 20 if your friend earns $100. It is one of the best URL shorteners to make money online with URL. Learn more


Well, if you are really serious to make money with URL shortener services. Then ClicksFly is also an advisable network for you. The best thing about them is the minimum payout.
You can withdraw your money once you reach only 3.5$. Learn more


LinkShrink.Net Logo

LinkShrink is also in the best, highest, and trusted URL shortener service provider list. You can easily make $3 to $5 on 1K clicks on your short URLs.
The best and unique thing about LinkShrink is that it also counts multiple link clicks or URL visits from the same IP up to 10-15 times. Which helps to boost income. Learn more


You can easily earn up to $5 for 1k clicks or link views with Bc.Vc URL Shortener. And you can withdraw your money when it reaches only $10.
Bc.vc has a good payout system. They pay money to the user on a weekly basis. Learn more


LinkBucks.com logo
LinkBucks is another legitimate and best website for earning money through short URLs. It is also a great alternative to Adf.ly and shorte.st.
LinkBucks pays users between $1 to $7 for approx 1K link clicks. This Price keeps differing from locations of link clicks. The minimum amount of withdrawal at LinkBucks is only $5.
LinkBucks payments are sent to the user's PayPal account, as soon as they cross the minimum threshold amount.
Their Referral also works as the other URL Shortener networks, but they provide 10% of each person’s revenue you referred to. Learn more


Ouo.io is also another best and highest paying URL shortener you can trust and easily make money by sharing short URLs on various online forums and websites.
The minimum amount of withdrawal in ouo.io is only $5. They give payout on every 1st and 15th day of the month. Users can receive their money in PayPal and Payza.
Additionally, you can also earn 20% of your friend's income, when they join their network using your referral link. Learn more


CPMLink.net Logo
If you are into a URL shortener, then you must give a try to CPMLink.net. It is also one of those URL shortener services which has grown very fast and develops trust among users.
Signup CPMLinks for a new account and start shortening long URLs. Share your links over the internet and get money when people click on them.
CPMLink gives approx $1-5 for 1k link views (but differs from country to country). And they pay money to their clients on a daily basis via Paypal and bitcoins.
You can also earn a lifetime 10% commission with their referral program. It is one of the best and rapidly growing URL shortener sites to earn money online. Learn more


Al.ly Logo

Don’t underestimate and ignore this website, as it is last on the list. Al.ly can also help you to make some significant amount of income just sharing short links.
Their most remarkable part is the minimum withdrawal requirement that is is only $1. User Can receive money in Paypal, skrill, Payoneer, and Payza.
Apart from earning from URL shortening, you can also receive 20% of commission if someones join Al.ly under your referral link. Learn more

Summing up

I hope you will try any of above mentioned ideal, highest paying, and trusted URL shortener websites for maximizing your earning. From the above list, I would like to recommend Goto Paid URL Shortener and Adfly, as I received payment on time and earning, is also good with those networks. 
If you know any other trusted and best URL shortener then let me know in the comment section without spam nature. If you have any doubts, then leave them in the comment section. If you find this post helpful, share this post on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms so that they can also learn this.

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