How Sales Can Triple Response Rates With Video

How Sales Can Triple Response Rates With Video
There is nothing worse for a sales rep then trying to book a call with a prospect and hearing “Sorry I’m slammed, my calendar is too full, let’s reschedule next week, next month, next quarter, or next YEAR!” It can derail any rep and kill momentum, leaving you questioning if they were even a good fit, to begin with.
Just remember, it’s nothing personal. Buyers are bombarded with as many as 2,900 messages each day. They are busy with a lot on the go and have to be strict with what gets time on their calendar. The only way to process it all is to develop a subconscious filter for everything that sounds irrelevant. Filtering allows buyers to stay sane and only consciously engage with the messages that matter and make impact with them.
So what messages cut through the noise? Ones from friends, family, colleagues, and trusted influencers. As a sales rep, if you want to break through that superhuman filter, and get prospects to carve out time for you then be like your buyer’s friends and create a personal connection.
There’s no better way to do this than with video.

Video is transforming many organizations sales processes and their results, like Terminus who saw great numbers after implementing video into their sales cycle:
  • 40% increase in email open rates
  • 37% increase in click rates
  • 216% higher response rates
Video is a simple way to turn your sales process around, and drive even greater results (like tripling response rates) and here is how you can get started;

Use Video For Sales Prospecting

When you’re freshly reaching out to a new lead, it’s so important that you stand out and get noticed. Prospecting emails have to stick out in crowded inboxes. For BDR and SDR teams, the best opportunities to spice up those prospecting emails with video are:
  • Cold Prospecting
  • Follow-Up
  • Account-Based Sales Approach
The most prominent things to keep in mind here are similar to any other form of prospecting: you’re trying to capture attention with an audience that is overly busy and doesn’t know you yet. You’ll want to focus your videos on:
  • Capturing attention – Use “video” in email subject lines and include the thumbnail in the email body.
  • Establishing credibility – Reps should give their prospects a reason to engage with them other than to pull out their checkbook right away.
  • Personalization – Top reps spend time learning about an individual and their business & then use this info to connect with leads individually.
Video isn’t just for prospecting, and it can be used efficiently throughout the entire sales cycle.

Avoid The ‘Me-Centric’ Approach, Make The Message All About Them

Remember that customers don’t care about your product until you prove that you can provide value to them. So make sure to drive the value home to encourage the prospect to want to carve out time to learn more. The great news is that video is the perfect channel to do this efficiently.
The key is to speak to how you can help that person and organization, NOT to simply tell them what you do. Video allows you to quickly share what you’ve learned about the company and/or contact that caused you to reach out and how you believe that your product or service can benefit them. It’s easier to share this in a video than to pack it all into a short email.

Use Personalized Video Throughout Your Sales Process

A personalized video is a devastating weapon for breaking through subconscious filters and achieving awareness. Correctly applied, it can:
Video is your key to getting heard by buyers with the superpower of selective hearing. With video personalization, you’ll find that you’re no longer just one vendor among tens of thousands shouting in a stadium: you’re just one, sitting face to face with the customer who knows you have something they need.
If you’re a sales rep looking to learn what steps you need to take to embrace video prospecting, and throughout the entire sales process then “How Our SDRs Tripled Response Rates with Personal Video Messaging” is the video for you!

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