Are you Writing too Many Blog Content, How it Perform SEO Result?

How a lot content is too a lot content ? Writers were debating this question for centuries, if not millennia. Back in the 1800s, publication authors had been paid per page, so literary greats like Victor Hugo actually wrote as so much as possible. Nonetheless, at the same time writing 650,000+ word novels was excellent for Hugo’s bottom line, there’s a purpose why most humans pick the abridged version of “Les Miserables”…

Attention spans are shrinking — and this doesn’t just have an effect on novelists.

For years, search engine optimization specialists have been emphasizing lengthy-type content. After all, within the keyword-situated world of SEO, longer content material means more words, which means more keyword phrases, this means that better search relevance, correct?

However, right here’s the article. Whether or not you’re a nineteenth-century novelist or a 21st-century content marketer, quality content isn’t about word rely — it’s about crafting the correct experience on your person.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Altering

Early on, search engine algorithms had been very keyword-centric. However, humans don’t use a search engine considering the fact that they wish to talk over with a keyword-stuffed page. As a substitute, they’re looking for a page that meets their needs. Since search engines like Google live and die based on the usefulness of their search results, they ought to care concerning the on-page expertise. Hence, Google has been frequently changing its algorithms to account for user experience. Just look at Moz’s Ranking Factors report. Four of the top 10 non-keyword-related factors that Google cares about are related to user experience:

Simply look at Moz’s Ranking Factors Report. 4 of the top 10 non-keyword-related factor that Google cares about are related to consumer expertise:

And, as it turns out, most content doesn’t work for its target audience. Feel about it. How often do you totally read a webpage from start to finish ? Even when the content is compelling and targeted (like this article), the majority of folks handiest make it about midway by way of a blog put up:

That suggests I’m ordinarily going to lose your awareness in about 250 more phrases. Stick to me, although; things are about to get even more interesting! So, if what you’re writing finally ends up looking like this web page (which, by the way, I split up and rearranged into columns to make it easier to absorb)…

Do you actually think any person is going to read your content? And even though your customer have a special query that is answered perfectly to your content, what are the odds that they are going to be equipped to search out what they’re watching for?
All of this brings us again to our normal query: How a lot content material is an excessive amount of content? Fortunately, there's definitely a fairly effortless technique to reply that query.

Deciding on your ideal content material size

Due to the fact that I’ve got one hundred phrases left to wow you with, let’s take a seem at how content size impacts consumer expertise in a very real way. At Disruptive promoting, my organization, we’re huge believers in testing the whole lot — together with content material size.
Recently, my VP of checking out, Chris Dayley, used to be working with a customer, OURrescue, to support beef up the performance of their weblog. OURrescue is an incredible organization that travels the world saving children from sex traffickers. But to do this, they need donations.
To fund further rescues, they have got a web publication where they record on each “mission” that features a name to action on the end of every submit soliciting for donations. Following the sample of many blogs, their articles traditionally had 1,500+ words. Their posts were doing ok, but Dayley wanted to peer if altering publish size might surely broaden the amount of donations they acquired.
So, we asked the writer of a new article for short, medium and long versions of the post. We then used Hotjar to look how a ways people scrolled via each version of the article and Google Analytics to observe the amount of time individuals spent on every web page and the number of donations bought.
We made certain to separate cell and laptop site visitors and had Optimizely cut up the traffic among the many three models of the post. Convenient enough, correct?

Our desktop results gave the look of this:

As you generally guessed, men and women spent the most time on the longest variant of the article. However things got more fascinating after we looked at web page depth.
Only 45.5 percent of OURrescue’s visitors reached the backside of the shortest article, and most effective sixty 4.9 percent of their viewers completed the long variation. The mid-length variation, however, had a completion fee of 76.7 percentage!

With the aid of comparison, here’s what matters gave the impression of on mobile:

On mobile, the longest word rely had the shortest time on web page and fewest completions. The lowest phrase count variant truly had the nice completion price. Naturally, for this purchaser, longer content didn’t necessarily mean better engagement.
As quality as it's to have folks finish a piece of writing (just a friendly nudge, proper?), the metric that quite mattered was once donations… and bet which types of the article received…

It turns out that the longer articles quite didn’t do lots for the manufacturer. In comparison with the best possible phrase depend version, the medium-size article in reality introduced in 28.Four percent extra donations on computing device, and the shortest version introduced in eighty three.1 percentage more donations on mobile!
Now, does this imply that shorter content material is at all times higher content material — specifically on cell? Not necessarily.
For this client, shorter content material used to be better for their viewers. To your web page, you’ll wish to run this equal experiment and see how your results pan out. 
The most important takeaway right here is that exclusive audiences are watching for one more experience. Long content material, short content — if that you could give them what they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to transform. And, as an brought bonus, the various search engines will reward you for making a compelling on-website expertise.


Nonetheless with me? Quality! In the case of content material size, it’s hazardous to undertake a 1800s-kind “longer content is better content material” mentality. Best content material isn’t about phrase rely, it’s about providing the proper expertise.
So, don’t take your content material size for granted. Take a seem at your content and ask yourself, is that this written for my abilities patrons or for a search engine?
Odds are, when you’re prioritizing your Google Bot expertise over your user experience, you’re going to have poor SERP outcome and low conversion rates.

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