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Blogger Link Structure
Link structure of Blogger / Blogspot is very simple but this article will be useful for developers or in case you want to get custom link for your menu. You can follow below list for more detail (red strings are dynamic that depend on certain case).
  • Original Label pages: yourblogdomain/search/label/labelname
    • Show Posts which are in Both Labels: yourblogdomain/search/label/labelname1+labelname2
    • Show Posts which are in One of Labels: yourblogdomain/search/?q=label:labelname1|label:labelname2
  • Search pages: yourblogdomain/search?q=searchquery
  • Static pages: yourblogdomain/p/url-of-page.html
  • Items / Posts: yourblogdomain/yyyy/mm/url-of-post.html
  • Archive pages:
    • Archive by year: yourblogdomain/yyyy/
    • Archive by month: yourblogdomain/yyyy/mm/
labelname1 / 2 must be get from label name of original label page. Which are escaped special characters to available for links, ex: ‘ ‘ space => %20. If you are working with JavaScript, use function encodeURIComponent to encode your Label Names

url-of-page usually the page title in lowercase and separate words by minus “-“. You can not change the url of page, so if two pages have the same title, Blogger will auto add number to the end of page url.
url-of-post usually the post title in lowercase and separate words by minus “-“. You can change this url in Permalink option (on right hand side) when you create a post.

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