6 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

In the realm of digital marketing, a profound understanding of the various facets of digital advertising is paramount for excelling in your specialized domain. I, as an Account Manager at a dedicated PPC agency, often find myself immersed in the latest updates and innovations. The digital landscape is inundated with daily blog posts detailing strategies, how-tos, and general enhancements. However, my interactions with clients have illuminated the interwoven nature of diverse digital marketing strategies, compelling me to delve deeper into their intricacies.
I must confess that I've had to familiarize myself with digital marketing terminology in order to grasp the nuances of my clients' non-PPC digital marketing endeavors. This realization has underscored the importance of broadening my focus to encompass all digital marketing channels, including email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), and more.
In this article, I've curated six valuable methodologies, tactics, and foundational principles gleaned from non-PPC perspectives. Hanapin has recently unveiled an insightful blog post featuring the 50 most outstanding digital marketing presentations to date, featuring luminaries such as Rand Fishkin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Oli Gardner. With an earnest commitment, I've embarked on a journey to peruse or listen to at least one presentation from each category of digital marketing highlighted in the blog post. My insights are compartmentalized based on these distinct categories. It is my aspiration that this article serves as a commendable stepping stone for immersing oneself in these 50 digital marketing presentations, gaining comprehensive insights into the multifaceted realm of digital marketing. Moreover, I ardently hope that readers begin to discern the synergies that these digital marketing segments can engender within their organizations.

Content Marketing

One presentation that resonated deeply with me pertains to our own content marketing strategy at Hanapin. Chris Keller, the Vice President of Marketing at Wellbeing Catalyst, expounds on how their analytics enterprise harnessed non-gated content to double their high-quality leads. Addressing a challenge universal to many marketing teams, Chris asserts that the key to effective marketing leadership lies in imparting education while fostering trust in prospects and monitoring their behavior. The counterintuitive notion of offering ungated content to drive leads is illuminated through their focus on delivering educational content and nurturing prospects until they're ready to engage. I highly recommend a thorough examination of this presentation for a novel perspective on content marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Inquisitively probing into marketing trends through the lens of "Why is this a trend?" is an approach I find quite gratifying. Michael Aagaard, of Content Verve, adeptly employs this approach in his presentation "You're Making My Mind Hurt! The Psychology Behind Terrible Conversion Experiences." Michael dissects the dichotomy between intuitive and analytical thinking, underscoring how these different modes of thought impact ease and strain on our cognitive faculties. This insight leads to a profound realization: landing pages necessitating minimal analytical effort tend to yield the highest conversion rates. I implore you to explore his presentation for further insights into constructing frictionless conversion pathways.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Did you know that a staggering 44% of online shoppers initiate their product searches on Amazon? This surpasses the cumulative percentage of online shoppers who commence product research on other search engines (34%). This revelation emanates from Benjamin Spiegel's presentation, "SEO for Ecommerce - What You Need To Know." Benjamin articulates three pivotal SEO principles for triumphant navigation of the Amazon landscape. For those uninitiated in the intricacies of SEO yet engaged in managing shopping campaigns for PPC, this presentation serves as a trove of actionable advice for attaining success on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Benjamin then proceeds to explain tips on how to “win on Amazon” by using sticking to 3 essential search engine optimisation concepts. For any one that’s quite inexperienced with search engine optimization (but runs shopping campaigns for PPC), this presentation is filled with practical advice for fulfillment on Amazon and all different e-retailers.

Email Marketing

When confronted with unfamiliar subjects, I always find solace in overarching synopses or forecasts from field experts. This precisely encapsulates the essence of the slide deck "Email Marketing in 2020" by Litmus. Notably, two prevailing prognostications for the future of email marketing—personalization and interactiveness—emerge from this presentation. Jill Redo succinctly encapsulates the spectrum of these predictions: "By 2020, hyper-personalization in marketing will reach unprecedented levels, encompassing rule-based triggers, seamless integration of the mobile channel, and unifying data from diverse channels and platforms."

Public Relations (PR):

Among the six digital marketing domains delineated in this article, my interactions with clients about their PR endeavors have been comparatively modest. This could stem from the fact that PR initiatives exhibit a less conspicuous overlap with PPC efforts than the other subjects. Alternatively, it might be due to a nascent exploration of strategies to seamlessly intertwine PR with PPC. Nonetheless, as both endeavors strive to drive leads and revenue, an implicit connection exists. Kenneth Lim's presentation, "Convergence of PR and Content Marketing," unveils an indirect nexus between PR and content marketing. He illustrates how the content already harnessed for lead generation through PPC can be seamlessly incorporated into PR campaigns to deliver a coherent message via the most prominent public platforms.

Social Media:

Being an avid user of various social platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter—I found Jay Baer's presentation particularly intriguing. While it doesn't inundate with an excess of practical social marketing tips across 200 slides, it masterfully underscores a critical aspect of maintaining a robust social presence: responsiveness. The slide provided underscores the crucial necessity of swift responses and apologies to consumer queries and grievances. This facet is undeniably pivotal, as our broader marketing endeavors risk dilution if our enterprise habitually overlooks customer engagement, leading to potential reputational damage over time.

Synthesizing the Insights:

"Communication has irrevocably evolved." This profound yet challenging statement was voiced by Gary Vaynerchuk during his keynote address at Inbound 2016. The landscape of marketing communication has indeed undergone a radical metamorphosis. While this is evident, the complexity lies in managing the multitude of consumer interactions. The starting point is a comprehensive understanding of each communication medium. Subsequently, a strategic amalgamation of these mediums is essential to fashion a holistic digital marketing presence. This undertaking holds pivotal significance for the triumph of our businesses. I implore you to immerse yourself in the 50 finest digital marketing presentations, allowing experts to illuminate your path towards a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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